writer’s wednesday [donoghue]

“Men aren’t real except Old Nick, and I’m not actually sure if he’s real for real. Maybe half? He brings groceries and Sundaytreat and disappears the trash, but he’s not human like us. He only happen in the night, like bats. Maybe Door makes him up with a beep beep and the air changes. I think Ma doesn’t like to talk about him in case he gets realer.”

Room by Emma Donoghue



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2 responses to “writer’s wednesday [donoghue]

  1. And why is it that we abstain from talking about something in order to prevent it from becoming “realer?” :) You have no idea just how many things I keep myself from “talking about” in order to keep with this philosophy!

    • this book is mind-blowing, honestly. it’s taken me about a week to read it, so i’m using another quote from it for tomorrow. you’re going to love it.

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