trying new things.

Okay, so last week, Alex was having a sort of crummy day. And nothing makes my future hubby happier than meat when he’s down in the dumps. Straight up, delicious, meaty meat. He’s a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy – who, luckily for me, also happens to be willing to try lots of random vegetable and fish combos too. Anyway, I remembered that he mentioned years (yes, literally years) ago that he loved Sloppy Joes. And I had never made – or eaten, for that matter – them before. I remembered seeing this recipe online a while back, so I tried it out.

I have to say – I’d definitely recommend it! It’s super easy, and makes a decent-sized batch. We ate leftovers for a few days afterwards! We had ours with whole wheat buns and a bottle each of Legend Lager – Legend is a Richmond brewery, but if you can get their stuff wherever you are, I’d definitely recommend it. :)

That same night, I decided to think up a better way to start our days – aka re-vamp our breakfast routine. We’re big fans of super sugary cereal, but I’ve been thinking that there has to be a more nutritional way to get our engines going in the morning. So, armed with some sausage and absolutely no plan, I made a breakfast casserole. I started with 4-6 eggs (I actually cannot remember how many I used), which I whisked into a scramble in a medium mixing bowl. I browned a roll of hot breakfast sausage on the stove, and plopped the crumbles into the eggs. I shredded a 4-ounce block of Cabot sharp white cheddar into the mix, added a little bit of milk, and stirred. Then, I greased the bottom of an 8×8 inch Pyrex and poured the mess into it. I cooked this for between 20 and 30 minutes (again, I should have been a little more exact) at 375 degrees (I think it was 375 – GAH, I know. I’m sorry!). I know that these aren’t the most specific directions, but it seems like this is something that’s pretty hard to mess up! We ate like kings every morning for the rest of the week – I cut the casserole into 8 pieces, which gave each piece a very reasonable amount of egg (less than 1 egg per serving), sausage (less than one official “serving” per piece) and cheese (not exactly sure the serving size to piece of casserole ratio). We loved it – I’ll definitely be making this again on a regular basis. It was so easy to just get out a slice and zap it before work in the morning!

Okay, if you’re still reading this (which I don’t blame you if you’re not – I’m a little all over the place today), here’s the REALLY big news. If you like these recipes – get excited for the coming months. Thanks to the advice of a co-worker, I’ve signed up for a share with Dominion Harvest for this season! Basically, Dominion Harvest is a CSA co-op that delivers the box of produce directly to your house. Um, don’t mind if I do!

Alex and I will get a box of produce (complete with a dozen eggs and some sort of awesome local cheese) every two weeks to start. You can do every week, too, but I didn’t want to overload us at the beginning. We are SO excited about this – it’s like a farmer’s market that comes straight to your front door! According to my friend who referred me, DH also sends out recipes via email – which is awesome since a lot of the veggies we get probably won’t be on our normal recipe list.

I still hope to grow some goodies in our brand-spankin’ new backyard, but it won’t be a huge harvest this year between exams/job shifts/that whole wedding planning thing are all taking up lots and lots of the good stuff (i.e. TIME) these days. This is my way of being adventurous and supporting local farmers (almost 100% of the goodies in every box we get will be from farms less than 100 miles from the Richmond area!) and of course eating lots of delicious dinners this year.

Anyway, sorry for this ridiculously long, rambling, and picture-less post. Thanks for reading – really. :) Hopefully the recipes to come (with some eye candy) will make up for it.




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7 responses to “trying new things.

  1. Sara

    Legend Lager is indeed amazing. Fine choice. I also recommend the Coffeehouse Stout Ale from Williamsburg Alewerks in, you guessed it, Williamsburg.

    I’ve always wanted to join a CSA. I seem to always have a plan to leave though so I never get to it. Let me know how it works out.


    • I’m going to look for that beer for sure! Thanks for the tip. Also – the paint color in our front living room is Benjamin Moore’s “Covington Blue.” Enjoy! :)

  2. lauryn

    yay we love sloppy joes. we make them with ground turkey for a little more health. this is the recipe we like:

    Excited for your co-op foods!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Alex

    The sloppy joes were delicious and so was breakfast! How genius are you to have remembered I said I really liked sloppy joes, 3 years ago… Interested in sharing some of your memory capabilities? Beer was also indeed delicious. You’re the best babe!

  4. That sounds like a delicious breakfast :) Thanks for sharing your method, and for using Cabot cheese!

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