off and running.

this week has been long. well, technically it’s been short – because my office is closed on easter monday. but this four-day work week followed a six-day work week. so that makes it seem longer.

tuesday and yesterday, i worked both jobs. today, i was grateful for the drive straight home. it’s so much better than the drive from job to job.

anyway, the point is – even long (long/short?) weeks have their up-sides. and lucky for me, this one is no exception. see for yourself:

maybe a promotion. more later.

the run i went on when i got home tonight. a necessary evil in a week like this one. :)

bringing home two new toys (from the clearance rack, no less!) for c & r. watching charlie literally jump for joy, and seeing roxie ten minutes later guarding both of the toys and growling when he gets close to them. she’s 1/6 of his size.

an email from betsy. it was fabulous enough to hear from her, and even more fabulous to learn the details of her oh-so-rapidly approaching return to this virginia.

taking a walk with carrie on my lunch break yesterday. it’s so nice to have friends close by.

tons of goodies on sale at kroger 10/$10 this week – including but not limited to goldfish crackers, easy mac, hummus, and pillsbury cinnamon buns. yesssss.

gchat. enough said.

dinner out with alex, thanks to a gift certificate i won at a work party earlier this year. nothing like cheese fondue, wine, and my favorite boy. technically that was monday night, but we’ll count it.

and the grand finale –


i mean, honestly. a week can only be so long when there’s that to look forward to. :)

moral of the story – if you feel like making a list, make one about the good stuff. the longest of weeks will seem like a moment so fleeting you’ve forgotten the bad parts already.

back next week, loves. thanks for reading. xo



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2 responses to “off and running.

  1. How I love reading about your weekly activities, Nikki! I smile as I imagine how harried you must be! I also imagined Roxie and Charlie and their toys! How cute! And a double yes for cinnamon rolls! OMG, can’t remember the last one I had. :(
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Patty K.

    Nikki, thank you for reminding me to look on the positive side…even when we know we should, sometimes life DOES feel TOO hectic! It’s good to step back and re-evaluate what we’re counting.
    Loved the sentences about C & R–that’s hilarious!

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