city lights on the water.

Yes, the title of this post was penned by T. Swift. And no, it really has nothing to do with this post. I just love her, okay? No judging. :)

I’ve been gone too long – as usual. Wedding stuff/grad school stuff/life stuff is consuming me. Today, I worked both jobs. I’m tired.

This weekend was glorious. Alex and I did nothing on Friday night – but we did it together. I loved it.

Saturday, we went to Charlottesville – McGrady’s, to be exact, for an amazing co-ed shower thrown for us by the Burkes. Good people, good food, good weather – what more could we ask for? I forgot to take pictures. I wish I had a camera elf. You know, to remind me.

Sunday, I went to church with my family. Alex was studying – exams this week! I went to Mom & Dad’s for Mother’s Day, had a great meal (cooked by Pops) and a lovely nap.

I feel like there’s so much I haven’t blogged. Sooner or later, I will. Or maybe I’ll just start with the present, whenever the present provides me with enough time to write the way I’d like to.

In other news, I’m terrified about my trip to Charlotte. I’ll be there two weeks from now. I’m not ready. It’s too expensive. I’m scared.

Sweet dreams. :)


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  1. Nikki, I’m so glad you and Alex practiced the art of “dolce far niente” this weekend! I was thinking this morning that Roxy and I are past due to have one of those! And it’s great you were able to nap! :)

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