a few dedications.

to our house. you are so great. you were meant for us – because we’ve felt at home here since the first time we set foot in the front door. i am excited to make you even more “ours” – including projects like, well, getting enough furniture to make all the rooms usable. :) not to be a downer, but i do wish that my things would all find their permanent homes here SOON. like my camera’s computer hookup. if i don’t find it soon, nobody will read this blog anymore and i will never dedicate another entire paragraph to you for the world (or 20 people) to read.

to alex. we are going to have the same last name in 27 days. YESSSSSSSSSSS. :)

to petsmart. thanks for giving roxie the worst haircut of her life today.

to dominion harvest. my first ever delivery was totally awesome. thank you for sending me asparagus and kale and bok choy and broccoli and goat cheese and lots of other rockin’ stuff.

to bok choy. i was excited when you were in my dominion harvest delivery. i didn’t like you as much as i hoped to. dangit.

to my parents. you are fantastic. for real.

to my brother. i am so proud of you. i try to tell you as best i can, but i really am. you are so talented and hardworking and i’m lucky to be your sister.

to lauryn. jared’s party ROCKED on friday. i love you guys.

to carrie. i am so glad you’re here. for real, girl.

to this post. you weren’t supposed to be sappy.

good night! :)



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7 responses to “a few dedications.

  1. i love you, nik! i will continue to always be here for you!

  2. Mom

    Ahhhhh….you are sweet. Love you!

  3. ive never had bok choy. we are going to need a picture of roxie. and im so glad you had a good time. we left everything in the yard the rest of the weekend. jared cleaned it up. he said the tissue paper flowers melted in his hands when he picked them up. oops!

  4. Happy Wedding in just a few days! Rah!

  5. Nikki, excited to read another one of your blog posts! I can’t believe your wedding date is so close! Yay! I hope you’ll post photos of your house soon! I’m happy you’re in love with your new living quarters! :)

  6. welp, now that i’m reading along i’ll comment again to say – bok choy is awesome in stirfry, but that’s all.

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