writer’s wednesday [fitzgerald 2]

“Then she was in the air, and Carlyle involuntarily held his breath. He had not realized that the dive was nearly forty feet. It seemed an eternity before he heard the swift compact sound as she reached the sea.

And it was with his glad sigh of relief when her light watery laughter curled up the side of the cliff and into his anxious ears that he knew he loved her.”

The Offshore Pirate by F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Barnes and Noble has a great collection of Fitzgerald’s short stories – affordable, too!)



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5 responses to “writer’s wednesday [fitzgerald 2]

  1. Nikki, this quote has made me giddy with the romance of it all! :)

  2. Oh gosh, I love this.

  3. thank you, friends! the link is actually to the whole story – you should check it out. :) xo

  4. so incredible.. This made my friday.. xo

  5. R

    Is it sad that i feel like i haven’t heard from you in forever just because you haven’t posted on this blog? Miss you, lady.

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