in lieu of writer’s wednesday.

It’s true, you lovely and faithful blog readers! (Both of you that are left, that is.) I’M BACK. the back burner is back. I’m sorry. Lots of these posts have been apologetic lately – which means I haven’t been great at blogging. I’m not even going to try make promises this time. I’m just going to do the best I can. But, back to the real news. We’re back.

In not necessarily chronological order, there is so much news to be shared. First of all – let’s just start with the big kahuna. I HAVE A NEW LAST NAME. Eeeeeeeeeeee! See the talented Katelyn James’ blog post about our big day if you’re curious. If you’re not so curious, I’ll give you a little sneak peek anyway.

We shared the day with so many of our loved ones, and even a one-hour rain delay (yes, it rained!) couldn’t even begin to put a damper on the beauty and the joy that followed us everywhere we went for the whole weekend. Let me tell you a little more about how full of love the day was:

  • First, Alex and I saw each other for portraits before the ceremony. I couldn’t contain myself – I cried my eyes out.
  • Then, my dad walked me down the aisle. I couldn’t contain myself – I bit my lip so I wouldn’t cry my eyes out.
  • Our dear friends (and wedding musicians) played “Sweet Home Alabama” as we recessed past the glowing faces of those we loved the most, married at last. I couldn’t contain myself – I blinked way too much while I tried not to cry my eyes out.
  • At the reception, I danced with my dad. Enough said. And yes, my mom cried her eyes out, too.
  • Then, Andrew and Margaret gave toasts. Let’s be honest. I cried my eyes out. It’s okay, though – Margaret did too. :)
Anyway, I know I’m making it sound funny – but really, it was the most perfect day of my life. I always thought it was sort of corny when people said that, but if you really think about it…it doesn’t get much better! To tell the world how in love you are with your soon-to-be husband with your family and friends as your witnesses – phew. I’m almost crying again.

In case anyone is wondering, we spent our first night as a married couple in a pop-up camper in my parents’ yard. Yes. It’s true. Even if you only know us from an every-know-and-then skim of this blog, you probably know how obscenely appropriate that is. We stayed at the party [almost] long enough to shut the place (and by place I mean my parents’ backyard) down, and only had to walk a couple hundred yards to bed. It rocked. And yes, we did actually go away after that. :)

On our short honeymoon in Staunton, we stayed at an amazing loft on the third floor of an old building in the heart of downtown. Our place was a totally unique juxtaposition of charming and modern. It was low-key and luxurious all at the same time, and we loved every second. We ate here and here and here, and browsed around here, here, here, and at some cool local antique stores. The amicable gentleman here even resized Alex’s wedding band for us (it was too big!) and gave us a special “newlyweds rate” to boot.

(Not a GREAT picture, I realize – but at least it has us in it! Most of the others are just of our super-cool loft.)

But, enough about that. On to the rest of the things I’ve been busy not blogging about for the past month and a half. Charlotte was AMAZING. The week was filled with inspiring people, good company, and good wine. Oh, and I wouldn’t want to forget to mention genius professors, challenging workshops, and enough ideas to blow my brain to smithereens just by trying to list them. I’m still feeling overwhelmed at the thought of completing this program, but one has to start somewhere. I’ll get there.

Back at home and post-wedding, we took our annual batteau trip! Nothing says “I love the first week of married life” like sweaty muslin clothes, light beer, and the James River. As always, it was awesome. I didn’t even get sunburnt this year!
Okay, don’t fret – I am aware this is not my husband! I can’t remember if I’ve posted pics of Sebastian before – but he’s a dear, dear friend of Alex and me. Such a good friend, in fact, that we both had the pleasure of living with him at one time or another when we lived in Charlottesville. This dude is like a batteau god. For real. Between him, Alex, and Alex’s brother Andrew – we’re always in good hands on the festival.

Let’s see, what else…we’ve been doing lots and lots of work on the house. New (to us) furniture has been coming in on the regular, we’ve gotten some painting done, and we’re getting new windows this month. We did a lot of work on the outside/yard, too, but there are too many pictures of all this stuff put together that I should probably wait until later.

Oh! In case you need a good laugh – I did hot yoga for the first time today. I have to say, for first-timers, I think La and I rocked it. AND according to a random calorie calculator, we burned 885 calories in the process. WHAT WHAAAAAAT. I went to work right after (post-shower, of course) and had eaten my breakfast AND dinner by 11:45am. Note to self: take snacks to work on yoga days.

Cheers, backburner-ites. It’s good to be home.


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  1. Nikki love, you’re back–and married! Congratulations! I saw your wedding photo and cheered! :) Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! I have missed your posts dearly! I’m so happy you not only have a last name, but seem to be quite the ecstatic bride! How utterly magnificent for you and Alex! I enjoyed reading your post immensely and look forward to more! Once again, congratulations, friend!

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