summer salsa.

As a wedding gift, Alex and I were given six beautiful heirloom tomato plants. They were tall and scrawny and about a foot and a half tall at the time of the gift (around two and a half months ago) and we planted them in our yard. There were two Sungold plants, one Green Zebra, one Garden Peach, and two that I (embarrassingly enough) can’t remember. One is a roma-like variety and the other is a more standard red. Anyway, the roma variety has “bottom-rot”, which has been a major bummer. The standard red is producing a tomato here and there, I’ve gotten a decent handful of Green Zebras and Garden Peaches, and one of the Sungold plants is doing well. The other one, on the other hand, well – see for yourself.

That’s a little blurry, but let’s just say this guy is out of control. In a good way. Check it out:

I’m telling you, these pictures don’t do it justice. This thing is the size of a small jungle. IT’S AWESOME. I pick a whole batch of tomatoes about every three days. Aren’t they pretty?

Between our tomato plants, my aunt and uncle’s tomato plants, and the every-now-and-then tomatoes that I get in my Dominion Harvest deliveries, I have been making the most delicious salsa ever. I use as many tomatoes as I have/want to use, chop up one onion, and add big slices of whatever kind of hot pepper strikes my fancy at the grocery store. I also dump in a little salt and pepper, and sometimes I squirt in a tad of lemon juice. If I’m serving it fresh, I add cilantro – but cilantro’s one of those things you either love or hate. If I’m freezing it, I leave the cilantro out. I’m not sure how the texture of the leaves would turn out post-thaw. My food processor does the rest – and VOILA! The best salsa ever.

Anywho, we have been eating this stuff like it’s our job – and since I’ve used different tomatoes each time, the batches have ranged from green to red to pink to yellow. It’s fantastic!

Do you have any favorite salsa recipes for the summer?



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