nothing much better.

So I mentioned a couple of months back that Alex and I were starting to get deliveries of fresh produce, eggs and cheese every other week through Dominion Harvest. Remember me going on and on about that? Anyway, it’s been awesome It’s so awesome to come home from work to FOOD. A whole big box of it. Anyway, when Alex was gone during the week for four weeks straight for his clinical (yeah, bummer!), I always tried to make it a point to feed him really well when he was home. :)

I’m a few weeks late posting this, but here’s how we used almost our entire box in one delicious meal. But don’t worry – it was still cheaper than eating out AND we had tons of leftovers!

Gazpacho. Yes. I am totally in love with my food processor. It took this:

And turned it into this:

Which I then proceeded to stir up all together to make this:

Fresh and yummy goodness. Seriously. There’s not a bad thing in this stuff. (Oh, and on a tip from Al’s parents – add some red wine vinegar to the recipe!)

Next on the menu for that evening were Greek Mini Meat Loaves. These babies are chock full of deliciousness. I mean, OATS in meatloaf? Who would have thought? Amazing. Check out the bowl pre-mix – you can barely even see the meat! And not in a too-much-breading-in-a-crabcake way. More like in a how-did-i-ever-eat-ground-beef-without-all-this-stuff-mixed-with-it way.

And here they are, in the muffin tins post-baking – my apologies for the half-empty pan. We sort of forgot to take a pic at first because we were too busy stuffing our faces.

And of course there was tzatziki to go on top – I used Miss Smart’s recipe from here. I followed it pretty loosely, using Greek yogurt and way more cucumber than necessary. I like it like that. Doesn’t everything look so pretty and fresh?

Mmmmmm. I took a picture of Alex enjoying this delicious feast, but I won’t post it because I was too busy getting full to take a halfway decent one. So you can imagine instead.

Anyway, cook something awesome this weekend. You won’t regret it. :)



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  1. greek mini meat loaves?! YUM those sound delicious.

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