My name is Nikki, and this is my blog. I’m twenty-four, I live in Richmond, and my favorite word is “jolly.” I grew up in a small town just under an hour from here, and was an English major at the University of Virginia. I love my dogs, my friends, and of course my handsome husband. I would be lost without my family. I’m a sucker for anything with paws, a faithful slave to the nonprofit industry, and a huge nerd. I think it’s stupid not to recycle, and I love how Bikram yoga kicks my butt. I believe that literature is invaluable and inevitably improves the quality of one’s life. I have recently learned that cooking is good for my soul and that writing is my passion. Welcome to the back burner. And thanks for coming.


2 responses to “me.

  1. Patty K.

    Nikki, it’s unbelievable, but I am amazed how much your intro describes myself! You had me at “anything with paws.”

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